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Outerra Anteworld is a programme that sits halfway between a tridimentional planetary engine and a video game, in which the player/user can visit, create and modify entire worlds however they like. You can get in close to the ground to appreciate the detail, right down to the individual blades of grass, or rise up above the atmosphere to see the circumference of the planet.

As you can see in the images, the graphics in Outerra Anteworld are far from anything seen on other land generation games. Through a series of fractal algorithms, the engine is capable of generating all this information in real time, creating a scene exactly as the user envisions it, often with breathtaking results.

One of the most striking details of this visual scalability is that if you have a powerful enough computer, you will not experience any lag when moving between looking at the grass on the ground and launching yourself into space.

Besides being able to take a look at the natural world by: flying over mountains and ridges, moving along beaches and deserts, or exploring lush forests, Outerra Anteworld also allows you to use different vehicles like trucks, airplanes or helicopters, thanks to its integrated physics engine.

The climate and the atmosphere will also vary and depend on where you are in the world. The weather conditions will not be the same on a mountain peak as on the beach for example, and another algorithm will control the rain and the sun.

Outerra Anteworld is a 'sandbox', but not just any old sandbox. The game has a specific purpose and is very difficult to categorize as simply a video game, but the experience of travelling through a huge and spectacular worlds is always fascinating.
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